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    From mortgage brokers and lenders to banks and credit unions, we accommodate our clients with the most efficient purchase and refinance title and closing processes. We also understand the importance of getting the title commitment and a preliminary settlement sheet to lenders early in the process to meet lender requirements and deadlines.

    Rally Point Title works with some of the best financial professionals throughout the state of New Jersey for some very good reasons. Not only do we provide an experience like no other, we make it our mission to run each transaction easily and smoothly straight through closing. We understand the challenges that can be faced when title issues arise, so we’ve employed only the best title experts to proactively clear title and deliver prompt, accurate results for your clients. Rally Point works with vetted attorneys and underwriting counsel to give you and your clients peace of mind when buying or refinancing their home.


    At Rally Point Title, we understand how busy the life of a real estate agent can be. We appreciate the significant contributions that you make to New Jersey's residential and commercial real estate markets, not to mention the state's economy.  Our team works to easily clear title issues so you can focus on what you do best - helping your clients find the home of their dreams.

    Our title experts are well versed in all kinds of transactions and can solve any issue that may arise.  We work proactively to clear title and prioritize open communication with all our partners as we move closer to closing day.  Rally Point will handle the title and settlement process from start to finish and manage each closing transaction with nothing but professionalism, accuracy and efficiency.  When you partner with us, you get exceptional client service done seamlessly with a smile!


    As an attorney, you require accuracy and timeliness when managing real estate closings for your clients. We work alongside real estate attorneys and law firms to ensure that their clients' best interests are protected in their purchase or refinance. We offer the knowledge and expertise necessary for the industry where experience truly matters.   We understand the value of your time and the importance of representing what is best for your clients. Our streamlined closing process and attention to detail keep things on track.  When issues arise, we promote open communication and a proactive approach to title clearance.

    We also value the importance of experienced title professionals to attend and conduct closings with your clients and real estate agents on closing day. Rally Point Title only employs seasoned title and mortgage professionals to finalize loan documents, review deeds and disburse funds at the closing table.


    Every time a property changes hands, a very intricate process occurs. Once an offer is accepted, mortgage decided and inspections completed, a number of professional parties come together to get everyone to the closing table on time.  Your settlement agent plays an important part in the escrow and closing process by completing the proper conveyance of title, preparing the title examination and meeting lender’s mortgage requirements. The escrow agent will also collect and disburse all the funds of the transaction along with finalizing and recording the new owner’s deed and mortgage to their property.

    Always keep in mind that the title and settlement company is the choice of the buyer. Rally Point Title believes in the importance of knowing your title and escrow agent, same as you would any other professional partner that is hired to play a role in your transaction.

    If you'd like to choose Rally Point Title to handle your closing, download our order form and send it to your real estate agent or mortgage lender.

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