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Why It Matters to Know & Trust Your Settlement Agent

When it comes to the process of closing on real estate transactions, experience matters. For New Jersey real estate, your title and escrow agent will play an integral part in completing the closing process. The title and escrow agent (aka Settlement agent) will work closely with all the professional parties involved in the transaction, ie. Buyer attorney, listing agent, seller, seller’s attorney, just to name a few. While each party involved has their specific role, the settlement agent will act as a neutral third party to handle the transfer of title and appropriate disbursement of closing funds.

Title and settlement go hand-in-hand when it comes to closing to be sure your property is not only transferred correctly, but also guarantee that the necessary liens have been paid off and satisfied prior to a new buyer taking ownership.

A settlement agent may also be referred to as a closing agent or escrow agent. Knowing your settlement agent, who we are, how we work, and understanding the value of our role can be an important factor in the ability to provide a smooth, drama-free close to homebuyers.

The What:

  • We make sure the property’s deed and/or mortgage is securely transferred and recorded from the seller to the buyer

  • We collect and coordinate the necessary lender and closing documents, required disclosures and financing conditions

  • We collaborate with lenders, real estate agents and attorneys to ensure a smooth closing

  • We securely disburse all closing funds to the appropriate parties at closing (ie. sellers, agents, municipalities, and lienholders)

  • We coordinate the signing and notarizing of loan documents and closing paperwork with homebuyers

The Why:

  • We put our clients first

  • We offer Consistent service on every transaction

  • We have the experience

  • We are committed to providing superior customer service

  • We are diligent and proactive

  • We are a company built on professionalism with a personal touch

As always, if you have any questions about title and settlement that aren’t covered in our blog, please reach out at 732-359-2009.

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