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Rally Point Title Agency LLC: Title Matters

You are purchasing a home soon and your thoughts are focused on inspections, financing, design, color scheme, furniture, moving dates, and the list goes on and on. While all those decisions are being made and finalized, your title agent is often working diligently in the background to ensure you will own this property free and clear when you get to the closing table. Our new blog series ‘’Title Matters’’ will provide key information to you on what is going on behind the scenes, matters that effect title, resolution and the ways you can be sure you are working with the right professional parties of your transaction.

When closing on real estate, a title company is going to do lots of tiny tasks that focus on a ton of detail, specific to your transaction, all behind the scenes without making much noise. Or, at least the good ones don’t make much noise – they know exactly how to handle the heavy lifting. The title agent will clear open mortgages, judgments and tax liens with your sellers. Most of which the buyer doesn’t always see or know about.

Too often I hear that a title company hasn’t gotten back to anybody, emails and phone calls gone unanswered, closers showing up late to the table. There is a better way, and that is to be working with the right people from the start.

Businesses transacting real estate is growing more locally in nature. We often hear the term ‘’buy local’’, and the same applies for both goods and services. Local customs and rules can be challenging for today’s large national title companies. This blog aims to provide guidance on protecting the homeowner and preventing title claims by working with an agent that is most familiar with your state’s real estate process.

Local agents are built on accountability and the level of service provided. We earn your business through the quality and delivery of the work we do. We earn your business through the quality and delivery of the work we do. This is where experience matters again. An experienced title agency, knowing the ins and outs of all types of real estate in your area is a factor that can make or break your closing. This knowledge plays a major role in how efficient the agent is in resolving title matters and ensuring your closing is as smooth as possible. Leaving you with only the furniture to think about!

Not all title companies are created equal. Of course they are required by the Department of Banking and Insurance to perform certain tasks and duties, but how they perform them, the efficiently of resolving title matters and the quality of service and communication is our biggest differentiator.

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